Lake Lorelei is a private, gated lake community located in Brown County Ohio near Fayetteville.

The community encompasses 1118.5 acres and includes three lakes. There are 1766 lots which include 656 houses.

There are 855 members including full-time residents, part-time residents, and lot owners.

There are about 22 miles of private road including the primary road Lorelei Drive traveling seven miles around Lake Lorelei.




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About Lake Lorelei

Lake History

Lake Lorelei was the 50th of American Realty Service Corp.'s recreational developments, located in Perry Township at the northern panhandle of Brown County. Farms owned by the McCafferys, Bergers, Sorgs and various small plots were purchased for the development of Lake Lorelei.  This area was chosen for its topography and the Glady Run stream.

Lake Lorelei is an area of 1118.5 acres, 197 acres of which are lake waters: Lake Lorelei, Lake Grunewald and Lake Fitchtelberg.  The lakes were filled to capacity April 1968.  In 1967 trustees were appointed to work in cooperation with American Realty to help with the development of our recreational lake. In 1969 the first board of trustees of the L.L.P.O.A. was formed and the last lot was sold by the American Realty Corp. There were 12 full-time residents.

Lake Lorelei has 10 common access areas for members along with many cabanas on the 500 square yards of our two sandy beaches. A large pavilion was added in 1987. Our 5,000 sq. ft. clubhouse (KURHAUSE) was completed in 1969. Lake Lorelei has 22 miles of roads.  Lake Lorelei is a corporation, therefore it has a corporate form of government with a nine-member board of trustees. Each member serves a three-year term. Three new board members are elected by our membership each year.

Lake Lorelei is independently maintained and financed by its members dues and assessments. None of our community's amenities are financed by the County or State.