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As a result of ballot counting discrepancies, the Board is declaring the recent lake assessment vote null and void.  A new lake assessment ballot will be mailed in September and the community will vote again on the lake fund assessment.

For the sake of transparency, and in an effort to hopefully avoid ballots being declared invalid in the future, the Board supplies the following information:

·        426 ballots were counted by the Inspectors of Ballots.

·        There were 213 ballots counted for the assessment and 213 ballots counted against the assessment.

·        Three ballots were not counted because they were not mailed to the PO Box as required (there were some other issues with two of those ballots as well; returned late and no way to tell who the member casting the ballot was).

·        Nine ballots were counted even though they contained edits or additional language contrary to the voting instructions (and which should not have been counted as a result).

·        Nine ballots were counted that were not received in the ballot envelope.   Those ballots also should not have been counted.

We appreciate the time and dedication of our community’s volunteers who assisted with counting the ballots.  The job it turns out was not easy and more complete instruction will be provided prior to the next ballot count.  Any votes that are not returned to the PO Box, that are inconsistent with the ballot instructions (i.e., they contain edits or additional language contrary to the voting instructions), or that are not returned in the correct ballot envelope will NOT be counted.  So please vote and please do so consistent with the instructions that are provided so that your ballot is counted.  The Board appreciates your continued involvement and support.

The Board is asking for our Members approval to establish and maintain a Lakes Fund to be used only for materials, labor, supplies and equipment to repair, maintain (including dredging), and improve the lakes and beaches located within the Lake Lorelei Subdivision.

For a complete video that explains it click here

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The Gold cart Rules have been clarified effective August 1, 2017.

Only those golf carts inspected and approved by LLPOA as having working headlights, taillights, turn signals, brake lights, horn, and rearview mirrors, either 2 side view or one center view mirror will be permitted to operate on LLPOA roadways between sunset and sunrise with caution.

A complete set of the LLPOA Rules is available to all members and prospective members here.

The Roads committee has published the 2017 Road paving map. Click here to view it.


The 2017 Lake Lorelei Fishing tournament 

Schedule and rules, has been added to the calendar, for more info click here.


The Restaurant has NEW HOURS!

They are Now Open Daily, 9 am till 9 pm.

Great Food! We need to support her this Summer!

513-875-4992 is the Restaurant #. 513-491-6601 is Mona’s Cell.

Click here for more info and the Menu.

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