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The Board is asking for our Members approval to establish and maintain a Lakes Fund to be used only for materials, labor, supplies and equipment to repair, maintain (including dredging), and improve the lakes and beaches located within the Lake Lorelei Subdivision.

The ballots will be mailed June 23, 2017 to all members.

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The 2017 Lake Lorelei Fishing tournament 

Schedule and rules, has been added to the calendar, for more info click here.


The Restaurant has NEW HOURS!

They are Now Open Daily, 9 am till 9 pm.

Great Food! We need to support her this Summer!

513-875-4992 is the Restaurant #. 513-491-6601 is Mona’s Cell.

Click here for more info and the Menu.

Recent Rule Changes:


Winter Lake Level:

The rule was changed to allow a pool fluctuation of 49 to 60 inches below the spillway. 

It is hoped that allowing a greater range in pool elevation will allow the aging lake valve to be operated less frequently.


Car Ports:
The Building Code rules have been changed to discontinue the construction of prefabricated metal carports. 

Prefabricated metal carports constructed in accordance with a LLPOA Construction Permit may remain.

Rental Property Rules: 
Language has been added to the rules to limit the number of times a dwelling may be rented to no more than four (4) times per calendar year. 

The rule is intended to limit the number of short term rentals in our residential community.

A complete set of the LLPOA Rules is available to all members and prospective members here.

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