Permit Forms

The purpose of the architectural committee is to ensure the compliance with LLPOA Covenants, Restrictions, and Rules established by the association.

A Lake Lorelei building permit must be obtained by the property owner prior to beginning construction of any type, including but not limited to homes, additions, out buildings, decks, docks, fences, swimming pools, culvert work, etc. within the confines of the Lake Lorelei subdivision.


The architectural committee is primarily focused on setback requirements and reviews all building permits to ensure that no building, porch, garage or the projection of any structure extends nearer than thirty (30) feet to any road right of way, nor nearer than ten (10) feet to the property line of any abutting property, nor within fifty (50) feet from the normal waterline of any lake, as shown on recorded plats.


They are also to ensure that the size, number restrictions, and location of homes, garages, sheds, decks, docks, fences, out-buildings, culverts, etc.  are consistent with LLPOA Covenants, Restrictions, and Rules before approving any permit.


After reviewing the plans and verifying conformance LLPOA Covenants, Restrictions, and Rules and receiving payment of the building permit fee and security deposit if applicable, the Architectural Committee will issue the building permit. Permits for the repair of an approved existing structure may be considered a “No Fee” permit as a way to promote the maintenance of property so that it will not be a nuisance, hazard or eyesore in the community.

Permit Guide Packet

Performance Agreement 

(Required when excavating and/or using heavy equipment)

Home / Garage Permit Application

Dock Permit Application & Agreement

Deck, Shed, Fence, or Other Permit Application