Water Quality Committee

The Lake Lorelei Water Quality Committee began in May 2013 when Flo Mosbaugh, at the age of 80, was concerned about the water quality of  Lake Lorelei and the fact that it had not been tested for several years. She personally collected lake water samples and took them to a local lab to have them analyzed. High levels of E. coli were found in these samples. Mrs. Mosbaugh took the results to a Board of Trustees meeting to express her concerns. Shortly after, George Mason took on the Goose Patrol, and the Lake Lorelei Water Quality Committee (WQC) was formed. Olivia Espinoza was asked to be chairman of WQC. Chuck Farmer, Tom Jackson, Peggy Platz, Bill Wallace and Cindi Wetzel volunteered to collect E. coli samples from April thru October and to become certified CLAM (Citizen Lake Awareness & Monitoring) water data collectors.


The WQC decided to focus their attention in three areas: 

*Data collection

*Best practices of water quality improvement efforts 

*Community education


The committee reached out to outside resources such as Brown County Soil & Water, Fayetteville Perry Sewer District, Southern Ohio EPA, University of Cincinnati Environmental Engineering Dept., Clermont County Water Testing Lab., Friends of the Little Miami, and Northern Kentucky University for help to understand the complexity of our freshwater lake.


WQC, over the past 10 years has:

  1. Published educational articles addressing water quality issues in the Legend of Lorelei.
  2. Planted riparian zones at the headwaters of Lake Grunwald.
  3. Collected 4 types of lake water data from May thru October— Clarity Data, Dissolved oxygen, E. coli and HAB (Harmful Algae Blooms).
  4. Participated in two separate University of Cincinnati environmental engineering Senior Capstone projects—2018Lake Lorelei Nutrient Mitigation Study of Farm Field Runoff and 2019 Engineering study for the Glady Run Mud Wall.
  5. Been a part of a citizen science project aimed at the identification & understanding of Harmful Algae Blooms, guided by Mark Nienaber and Dr. Miriam Kannan from Northern Kentucky University.





Good News: So far this summer with the dry weather and cool temperatures, Lake Lorelei’s water quality is looking good. As other lakes in our area are experiencing severe algae issues, LL WQ Committee is continuing to test for E. coli, collect water data and keep a close eye on our coves to try to understand how best to work with “Mother Nature”.

One of the simplest ways to improve the water quality and hinder Harmful Algal Blooms (HAB) on our 3 lakes is to refrain from mowing and spraying the waters edge allow Native Vegetation to grow and absorb nutrients that feed Cyanobacteria—bad algae. 

Thanks to all the Water Quality Volunteers:


E-Coli Testing—Water samples are collected at both beaches biweekly and taken to Claremont Water Testing Lab.

****Leah Evans Coordinator, Karen DeHart & her son Zac, Peggy Platz


Dissolved Oxygen Testing— Members of this team are trained to use the LL D.O. Meter to collect data from various depths of the lake. This data over time indicates the healthiness of our lake.

****Chuck Farmer & Lee Duncan Coordinators, Darlene Nartker, Barb & Bob Isemann, Beth Weber, Peggy Platz


Clarity Testing— At various locations around the lake volunteers use a Secchi Disc and other instruments to measure the clarity depth of our lake water. Because of our dredging program clarity is important data to collect.

****Cindi Wetzel coordinator, Leah Evans, Karen DeHart, Darlene Nartker, Kathy Haberer, Barb Isemann, 


Cove Algae Observers—Volunteers monitor the changing algae conditions of various coves by taking a picture of the still water area. As the summer temperatures rise and the lake gets warmer both good & bad algae’s grow stronger.  We hope that by collecting pictures of the changes observed we can know when to collect samples to look at under a microscope in order to understand the degree of concern for HAB(Harmful Algal Blooms)

****Cove A—Jeanine Aronow,  Cove B—Jim Rundo,  Cove C—Cindi Wetzel, Cove D—Barb Isemann,  North Cove—Leah Evans, Lake Fichtelberg—Josie Gilliam, Cove E—Darlene Nartker, Lake Grunwald —Peggy Platz/Gary Hetzel, Cove F—Joe Heitker, Cove G—Becky Reaves, Short Cove H—Michele Hatton, Long Cove H—Wayne Lowery, Cove I—Melea Frazier




If you are interested in learning more about Water Quality issues at Lake Lorelei and/or would like to join the WQ Committee, text Cindi Wetzel at 513-505-1077


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